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Ratan MRI & Spiral CT Center

  • Ratan MRI & Spiral CT Center

    Ratan Group is committed towards the welfare of weaker sections of the society. Towards the same endeavour, Ratan Group runs a charitable organization called Ratan Cancer Society and Research Institute that is engaged in the service of society, particularly for the treatment Of cancer patients Of weaker sections.

  • Ratan Cancer Hospital and Research Institute

    Ratan Cancer Hospital & Research Institute is first of its kind in Uttar Pradesh in seven adjoining states. It has faculty of oncosurgeons, radiation and medical oncologists trained at premier cancer Institutes Of country for e.g. Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and abroad. The state OF the art facilities include High Energy Accelorator (LINAC) & High Dose Rate Brachy therapy with CT simulator and mould room facility in Department Of Radiation Oncology. The Hospital has day care units, Videoendoscopies, ERCP, Bronchoscopy, Stenting facilities, Hospital runs Palliative Care, Pain Management Clinic and also Psychological Support Clinic boost morale of cancer patients. For public awareness we organise free screening camps from time to time.