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“This teacher is crazy! He asked to write such a complicated paper, and now I need to do even more work. Gee, what is the point of making a research paper outline?!”

Well, it seems like you are furious. But what is this panic all about? Are you freaking out because your teacher asked to prepare a research paper outline? Please, stop it and calm down! Making research paper outlines means simple planning. You need to make a plan of your paper. This task can be very useful.

Let us briefly explain you what research papers outlines are all about and how to create one.

The gist of a research paper outline

We have already mentioned that it is just a plan. This plan highlights specific points you will include and develop in your work. Research papers outlines also include your thesis statement.

When you should start making a research paper outline

Ideally, you have to start working on your outline after the chosen topic is researched and you know the main idea of your work. Yet, some students start making research paper outlines while researching.

How a research paper outline looks like and how to arrange it.

A research paper outline looks like a list. This list has a kind of heading (your thesis statement), point, and sub-points. This is how you should normally arrange your research paper outline.

Make sure you have a strong thesis and write it down. It is the beginning of your research paper outline.
Then, put the Roman numeral “I”. It is your first major point. It can be the title of the first chapter of your paper.
After that, make sub-points like “A”, “B”, “C” that reflect some basic issue you discuss in this first chapter.
The rest of your outline should be arranged in the same way, e.g. “II” and sub-points “A”, “B”, “C”.

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