Ratan Housing Development Ltd. considers it’s Human Resources as its core Strength. The Company believes in the fact that its present position as an aggressive player can be attributed to the efforts on part of all its employees working in different departments in realizing its goal.

Ratan Housing Development Ltd. also takes in candidates from the Professional houses/groups, for the prestigious leadership market development programme of us, which attracts some of the finest young talent available in the country.



The Company offers the best of the opportunities to work, where the potential and Capabilities of personnel are tapped to the maximum advantage of both the Organization and the personnel. The latent talents are honed to meet the challenges faced by the organization and achieve the best. We, at all times, are committed to hiring a diverse, professional and productive work force. The goal is to attract the best talent for the job either from within the Company or from outside. We recruit personnel mainly in the areas of Sales, Construction, Distribution, Marketing/Brand Marketing, Office Management, Front Operation, Back Office Operation etc.