After 35 years of being in the business of real estate development, it gives me immense pleasure to see thousands of families leading happy, peaceful and prosperous lives in homes and apartments built by us and managing profitable business from the commercial space created by us. However, I know the fact that builders only create edifice; it’s the resident who give life to it

We believe that to own a home, is person’s most cherished dream, therefore our entire team works hard, day and night to not only fulfill customer expectation but to go beyond that for further value edition. Real estate industry is expanding like never before to fulfill the needs of millions of our resident and non-resident Indians. Multinationals from all over the world are showing keen interest in India

Our building standards are at par with international standards. I am thankful to my Architects, Civil Engineers and Interior Decorators who made it possible for us to create residential and commercial spaces throughout the country.